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2014 concept presenters

Dr. David Moore

David is the MG Robertson Professor of Pneumatology at The King’s University.  He served as Professor of Theology at Life Pacific College before joining the King’s faculty in 2013. David was the executive director of the John Perkins Center for Christian Community Transformation and the Associate Professor of Church Leadership at Patten University in Oakland, CA for three years.  He continues coaching and overseeing a non-traditional church called Missio Dei.  He is the author of The Shepherding Movement: Controversy and Charismatic Ecclesiology and co-author of Charismatic Century: The Enduring Impact of the Azusa Street Revival.  He and his wife, Patty, have three children and six great grandchildren!  David’s broad experience will be evident as he shares on the topic of kingdom theology.  

Clark Blakeman

Clark has served in pastoral ministry for over twenty years, including his last position as the community outreach pastor for Imago Dei in Portland, OR.  During his time as a community pastor, he began a community development training organization in SE Portland called Second Stories.  The organization’s mission is to transform impoverished neighborhoods by equipping churches to engage in community partnerships.  Through the work of neighborhood transformation—training and coaching churches, developing workshops to equip community groups, nonprofits, civic agencies, and encouraging churches to work together—exciting new partnerships have developed that are changing neighborhoods for the glory of God.  Clark has four grown children.  He and his wife conduct training abroad, but most of their days are occupied with missional living in their SE Portland neighborhood!  Appropriately, Clark will address issues of collaboration.​ 

Nita Belles

Nita is the author of In Our Backyard: A Christian Perspective on Human Trafficking in the United States.  Since 2006, she has studied the issue of modern day slavery and worked tirelessly in both the rescue and restoration of victims.  Nita networks with national and international anti-trafficking organizations, including law enforcement and government officials.  In cooperation with the latter two, she directs a team called Blitz the Trafficker to help bring justice to perpetrators and deliver services to recovered victims identified each year at the NFL’s Super Bowl.  Nita and husband, Dan, have two children and two grandchildren.  They live in Bend, OR and are members of Westside Church.  With a deep compassion for victims and a determination to link arms with other to end modern day slavery, Nita will inform and impassion us to take a look at our own “backyard” as she brings us to an awareness of the extensive issue of human trafficking. 

Ryan Saari

Ryan is a church planter and entrepreneur.  He pastors the Oregon Community and operates The Oregon Public House, a non-profit pub in NE Portland.  With a passion to show people who Jesus is, he has worked hard to serve and serve with the neighbors of Dekum to meet the needs his community represents.   The Oregon Community practices “Empty Church” once a month in order to complete practical service projects while simply and genuinely loving people.  Ryan has effectively discovered the story of his community, established a business as mission, and allowed the church to be Christ present with their neighbors.  Ryan and his wife, Cynthia, have two young daughters.  He is a self-proclaimed extrovert that subconsciously wishes he were an introvert.  Fortunately, his outgoing disposition is tempered with a gracious Christ-like spirit that will help us risk the discovery of our own community story and God’s creative love for a place and its people. 

Jason Albelo

Jason is the pastor of East Hill Church, the church he attended for most of his life.  After a season of rebellion and sexual addiction, he returned home to become a part of East Hill’s For Men Only ministry where God helped him “untangle the addictive web” in which he found himself.  Jason, healed and committed to Christ, completed a degree in political science and later became a tank commander, executive officer, a general’s aide, and co-commander for the U.S. Marine Corp.  In 2000 God led him to return once again to East Hill and serve as the college pastor, eventually accepting the responsibility of senior pastor in 2007.  Jason’s personal healing has given him faith for the role of the church in bringing Christ’s wholeness to a community.  He will lead us through Scripture’s metanarrative of justice and shalom.  Jason and his wife, Nikki, are parents to Ashley and Jarrett.

Dr. Aaron Friesen

Aaron is amember of the teaching faculty and Dean of Student Services at New Hope Christian College in Eugene, Oregon. He is the author of Norming the Abnormal: The Development and Function of the Doctrine of Initial Evidence in Classical Pentecostalism (Wipf & Stock, 2013) as well as a number of scholarly articles and book reviews in the field of Pentecostal studies. Aaron is a licensed minister with Foursquare, and he attends Eugene Faith Center with his wife, Heather, and four children.  Aaron will address ethnic inclusivity from the perspective of Acts.  His extensive study and research of Pentecost and Luke as the author of the book of Acts will undoubtedly bring a fresh perspective on today’s racial tensions and God’s love for every nation. 

ALSO ...

  • Ben Sand, Leadership Foundation
  • Detective Keith Bickford, Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, Human Trafficking Task Force
  • Mark Nicklas, Beaverton Foursquare Church
  • Milan Homola, Compassion Connect
  • Brad Ketch, Rockwood Community Development Corporation
  • Eric Green, The Father's House


Janet Shim

Janet moved, with her parents and sisters, to San Francisco from South Korea in 1972.  Seven years later, during her junior year at the University of California, Berkley, she received Christ.   Janet pursued her education at University of the Pacific and earned a Doctorate of Pharmacy.  With a growing passion to make disciples of all nations and help leaders make significant contributions in God’s kingdom, Janet completed a Masters of Divinity at Western Seminary and is currently pursuing her Doctor of Ministry at Fuller Theological Seminary. Janet’s varied educational background and personal experience with immigration has equipped her to minister with ease as a pastor of International Ministries at Beaverton Foursquare.  Her desire is to embrace, include, and empower people from all nations—those God is bringing into our neighborhoods.  Janet and her husband, Steve, have a grown son and daughter.  She will add richly to our conversation on ethnic inclusivity with practical and personal insight.

Greg Russinger

Greg Russinger is husband to Michele and father of Ashtin and Liam. They currently reside in Portland Oregon. Greg pastors a local church community known as Portland Foursquare, and is the principal guide and co-founder of JustOne, a national non profit that designs and implements human care initiatives such as Laundry Love, One Voice to End Slavery, TCMD, and others.  Greg is an avid reader, film fanatic, soccer junkie, and student of the contemplative tradition.  The last 10 years Greg has learned that vulnerability is the path, courage is the light, and that to truly live an inspired life you must be open to interruption.  His inward transformation will inspire our own vulnerability and courage as Greg addresses the soul’s care — an unqualified necessity for those who serve the vast diversity of human need.  

Ken Lloyd

Ken is husband to Deborah who is a college professor, author and sought after speaker.He's also the father of four amazing individuals and grandfather of two delightful young women. He helped start The Bridge, a church in Portland, Oregon,made up mostly of young artists and musicians who don't fit into the traditional church model. He is the founding pastor (team leader) of HOMEpdx, a convenient local church for his friends who live outdoors in downtown Portland. He is also the founding pastor and team leader of The Underground, a church especially for his younger friends (ages 14 to 25) who live outdoors. Ken just finished his a masters degree in Intercultural Studies with the North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies at George Fox Seminary. He is currently launching a new career as a trainer/consultant to nonprofits and churches, helping them learn and practice doing no harm as they go about doing good in this world. He is not a sought after conference speaker and his book, They're Gentiles for Christ's Sake, has sold less than 1500 copies since 2001. He's just a guy with something in mind.