city. story. us.

what to expect

date:       May 5-8, 2014
location:   City. Story. Us. has a dual location: Camp Crestview and the city of Portland. 

camp crestview

Corbett, Oregon
The camp will serve as our very “accommodating accommodations,” by housing and feeding the participants.  We will also utilize the camp facilities to connect with fellow participants and guests, which should prove to be a mind-bending, soul-enriching, and heart-renewing experience.  
NOTE: Participants will need to bring bedding and towels; comfortable clothes and shoes. 


Central to our experience is the city of Portland.  The afternoons will offer several choices to connect with people and places; look for incarnational moments; and view first-hand the transformation that happens when the Church practices a holistic gospel.

Crestview is located just 20 minutes from Portland in the Columbia River Gorge.  Take I-84 East to the Corbett exit and follow the signs to Camp Crestview. 

1601 NE Crestview Lane, Corbett, OR.  97019 ​


City. Story. Us. will include the following:
  • Theme-based learning
  • Presentation of key theological concepts
  • Participation dialogue
  • Panel discussion
  • Daily reflection
  • Site visits
  • Asset-based walking tours
  • Lots of eating!

(For more information click on the "schedule" and "concept presenters" tabs.)

benficial outcomes

  • An understanding of the basic social issues that cities of every size face
  • A grasp of key theological concepts regarding the kingdom of God and how it shapes the believer's view of justice, righteousness, and shalom for our cities
  • A working knowledge of collaboration among civic, non-profit, and Christian organizations
  • The ability to assess a community's needs and assets
  • An exposure to the value of community development
  • An on-going connection with others passionately serving Christ by loving their city